Monogram Your Shoes

Monograms are popular now and I love how I can take a plain pair of shoes and in 10 minutes have an adorable new pair with my monograms.  Last week while visiting in Atlanta I found another pair of flip flops which would be perfect to monogram.  I purchased my shoes at the Shoe Show, but I have found similar flip flops at other stores.    Here’s how with an embroidery machine you can transform a simple pair of flip flops into an expensive looking pair of shoes for your next summer gathering.

I used Monogram Wizard to create my monogram using the Pendant font and stitched it out on my Baby Lock Endurance.   The design is small so I used my 2×4 inch Hoop Tech slim line clamp hoop to hold the flip flop in place. Be sure and use the trace feature of your machine if your are using these or other hoops that are not standard to your machine so the needle doesn’t hit the hoop.  The design measured 0.94″x 1.32″ so I can fit it on the front of the flip flops.  Measure your shoes to be sure your design will fit.  If your design is to big most machines will let you resize your design, if not use your embroidery software to resize your design so it will fit centered on your shoes.


I didn’t use any stabilizer since the piece of leather was pretty thick.  Center the top of the shoe with the center marks on the hoop as shown in picture below.  Now use your trace feature on the machine to be sure you won’t hit your hoop and your design will be centered on the shoe.

Since the designs are small each monogram only takes only 3 minutes to stitch!


It’s that simple!  Now you have an adorable pair of monogrammed shoes ready for summer!



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