In the Hoop Thursday-Zipper Bag

Today in the hoop is a quick and easy In-the -Hoop zipper bag.  The Embroidery design came from Hope Yoder and is called “Zip It In-the-Hoop Bags Embroidery  Collection“.   This bag sewed together very quickly and the step by step directions for sewing the bag in the hoop were very clear.  The monogram was added with Floriani’s FTCU software.

Here are a few tips to some easy embroidery…

I treated the fabric with Embellish Premium Fusible Batting

I used Embellish Soft Cutaway stabilizer to stitch the bag.  It is soft enough to leave in between the lining and outside of the bag without adding bulk.  The back of the bag stitches first.


After the stippling stitched, I added in the monogram I made in FTCU.  I used the scan feature on the Baby Lock Destiny to place the monogram in the center of the bag.

 now that my monogram is sewn on, take the hoop off and place the lining fabric on the back to stitch down

Now the back of the bag is complete I was ready to re-hoop and assemble the rest of the bag in the hoop.  Stitch Perfection Tape and Embroidery Perfection tape comes in very handy when trying to hold down a zipper while embroidering.   Stitch Perfection tape is a double sided then tape which is water soluble.  Embroidery Perfection Tape is great because it is stronger than regular painter’s tape and holds things in place while embroidering.

I always get a few uses out of my Embroidery Perfection Tape by placing it somewhere handy…

Just follow the simple directions for the rest of the in the hoop assembly.



It is a good idea to slow the machine down as it stitches over the zipper.

Place the first hooped piece over the 2nd to complete the bag in the hoop.

This perfect sized bag stitches together fast and easy making a great last minute gift!!



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