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I love to sew every day.  Most times I am working on a large project that I can work on a little each day, but sometimes I like a little instant satisfaction.  In those cases I really like the quilt banners by Patch Abilities, Inc.  These cute little banners sew together super easy and fast and can be made in a short period of time, thus gaining instant satisfaction of finishing a project!  My local quilt shop, which has closed :(,  used to carry these mini banners as block of the month patterns, sooo… I collected quite a few. The kits came with adorable little hangers to hang the quilt banners, definitely adding to the cuteness factor.  So when I need instant satisfaction I pull one out and sew it up.    I chose the adorable Fall Country Flowers banner since the sunflowers are now blooming in the heat of summer.  I used my Baby Lock Destiny IQ scanner to assist me in doing the fine stitching on the jar part.   I LOVE LOVE using my Baby Lock Destiny machine for these quilt banner projects.  It saves me free motion stitching time and fine hand sewing details on projects like this one.


Assembly is easy:

1.  Put the sides, top and bottoms, and iron appliques on banner top. I like to use Wonder Under  to adhere my appliques to the quilt top banner which I purchased from Jo-Ann’s Fabrics. I like to use “Wonder Under”  under my appliques because it does not gum up the needle and irons on nicely, and sews beautifully.

2.  Put together the”quilt sandwich” using 505 Spray, which is a temporary fabric spray adhesive, it holds the quilt banner top, batting, and back fabric together without pinning.

3.  Stitch down appliques using your favorite stitch.  Sometimes I like to use a zig zag stitch, or the blanket stitch to give it a hand look, or other decorative stitches. There are so many to choose from on today machines.

4.  Put the binding on and either tabs at the top or a pocket to hang it.

5.  Using the IQ scanner on my Baby Lock Destiny, I scanned the pattern sheet to transfer the exact size and stitching right to the machine.  This enables me to stitch the ridges and words on the jar as an embroidery design onto the quilt banner instead of hand stitching it.

6.  The design will need a little editing to remove the sides of the jar and areas that scan which you don’t want to stitch.

7.   Next I hooped lightweight tear away stabilizer and used the 505 spray to hold the banner to the stabilizer.  Just a little spray is all you need to hold it still in the hoop.

8.  I  Use the camera feature on the machine to scan my quilt banner to the back ground and move my embroidery design into place.  Now let your machine do the stitching while you enjoy a cup of tea!

9. Find a great place to display your finished project…

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