Dee Dee’s Quilts

In March I was honored to sew these adorable “minky” quilts for my friend Dee Dee that passed away suddenly and unexpected before Christmas. Dee Dee’s daughter found among her Mom’s knitting stash 3 blankets she purchased with the intent of making them for her 3 youngest grandchildren, one which was born days before her death. Dee Dee may you rest in peace…

Thank you Wenda for letting me use your sewing machine to finish Dede’s blankets while visiting.

A few tips for using “Minky” fabric:

1. always use a walking foot to sew “Minky”.

2. Use a rotary cutter.

3. “Minky” fabric is messy to sew. Consider shaking it outside before you begin sewing to get the loose fibers off.

4. Always clean your bobbin case after you sew “Minky” to prevent further problems stitching.

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